Welcome to Music for Young Children!

Does your child love singing? Looking for a piano teacher in Kanata? With Music for Young Children lessons, parents and children will learn more than just how to play the piano; you will learn to be a complete musician!

choirkids2Learn 2 sing!
Does you child love to sing? Kids will learn to sing in a choir through song games and vocal exercises. Join Kanata’s Kids Choir! SK-Gr3
Sundays 5-6pm



Music for Young Children group piano classes set you up for success!
All classes are designed to teach high level musicianship in a way children enjoy!
Music lessons meet as a group for 1hr once per week.
Music classes can include up to 6 children.
Music lessons require a parent/adult to participate.
Music lessons include many activities to develop the complete musician (rhythm, theory, piano, singing, listening)
Music lessons expect the child and parent to review at home daily (practice).
Upper level classes include monthly private lessons before or after class.