MB3 Online Resources


Ear Trainer (Doesn’t work in Chrome)
On Right, unclick “fixed root” and click “Set Options”.
On left, try under beginner “Simple Intervals” and “major/minor”,
under scales “basic”, and
under perfect pitch start with “C, D & E” and see if you can get up to a full C scale.

Ear Toner – near the bottom of the page you can download this little tool
Settings: You may set each tab to “Highest/lowest starting note: 1 octave”
Intervals: Start with Unison, M3, P5, Octave (eventually all Major & minor up to Octave)
Chords Major/minor (maybe Dominant 7)
Scale Major, minor, harmonic, melodic (maybe whole tone, chromatic, major pentatonic)

Theta Music Trainer Create a free account to access level 1-3 of all games.
Without an free account you can still access a few games.
Under Games (top left), start with games in these categories:
Pitch, Scales, Intervals, Melody, Notation

Note naming game
Starts easy but gets to a good difficulty after a couple of levels.

I’m sure there are tons of free app’s you can try but I haven’t looked into it…let me know if you find anything!

iScore is an Royal Conservatory tool for teachers and students to set goals, share videos of practice work, discuss progress and help students manage their own progress. It’s a new tool so I haven’t used it with any students yet. I’ll add you to my iScore account and if you want to try it out you can (but don’t feel you have to).


Read about effective practicing
This is really interesting and easy read. See if you can get through the Introduction and II.1 The Practice Routine, II.2 Finger Positions, II.3 Bench Height (10-20min)