Baroque Era


This time period (1600 – 1750) created art that was both dramatic and very detailed.


Paintings were huge and usually about church stories or royal people. Sometimes they took up entire ceilings!




Statues were very lifelike with curly hair, flowing robes, and details of every kind.



The buildings were also gigantic and they were beautifully decorated with columns, domes and statues.

Although there are so many details and decorations in Baroque art, it is never messy or unorganized. In fact, it is very tidy and controlled with no detail out of place.

Baroque music is the same way; it is very grand and elaborate with many details. Although there are many quick notes to play, they are kept light and tidy in their proper place so that the music is not loud and busy but instead is light and flowing.

You can listen to Baroque music on radio programs from Classics for Kids (listening counts as practicing too!)