Romantic Era

This era began with Beethoven in the early 1800’s and many people continue to compose in this style today.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Romantic artists try to share feelings and tell stories with their art. Opera and ballet were loved in the Romantic Era because they combined story telling with music. Nature and folk stories were favourite themes of Romantic artists and freedom and love were the highest values.  

RomanticArtFishermenTo show different feelings in their music, composers tried all sorts of new ideas. Long melodies often included big jumps. New sounding chords were used, often with many “unusual” (chromatic) notes. Freedom in music meant many changes in time signature, key signature, tempo and dynamic. Extremes (high/low, fast/slow, loud/soft) were very common. Composers began to use ff, pp and even fff or ppp!

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Info for adults:
This powerpoint is pretty dry, specifically about literature but applies equally to music. The first 2min and last minute give you a good idea of the content.