Learning Styles

“If you are a parent with more than one child, you’ve already discovered that even children growing up in very similar circumstances and environments can have dramatically dissimilar approaches to life. You begin to realize that people are fundamentally different…” from Cynthia Tobias’ book “The Way they Learn”

Auditory – learn by hearing themselves speak the words
Visual – learn by seeing or creating a mental picture
Kinesthetic/Tactile – learn while moving

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Expanded list of learning styles, free inventory test
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many areas of frustration and conflict can be directly attributed to a mismatch of the child’s learning style and the parent’s. This is not a deliberate defiance of parental authority by the child. The challenge for parents is to find positive ways of building on their children’s natural strengths without sacrificing desired bottom-line outcomes. Believe it or not, it can be done!” – Cynthia Tobias

MYC offers you a great opportunity to take the following advice!
“Find 15 minutes a day to spend alone with each child. Choose a safe and fun play area and then let your child show you how he or she prefers to play and interact with you. Short of absolute necessity, you should make no corrections, suggestions, or negative comments. Simply enjoy being with your child. Give as many positive comments as possible, and make some mental notes as to how your child prefers doing things. If you do this consistently with your children, you will be amazed to see how easy it is to identify their different styles!”
– Cynthia Tobias

Questions to ask about your child