Sunbeams 1 : 5-6yrs

Music for Young Children learn piano FSunbeams 1 is a wonderful program for active 5 & 6 yr olds and their parents. You will be educated in piano playing, singing, listening skills, rhythm instruments, and especially music reading and writing skills. Each class is an exciting hour that includes at least a dozen activities. Most of our activities are hands-on, using instruments, puppets, games, magnets, rhythm writing tools and more.

Music for Young Children learn piano C

Music for Young Children learn piano D

The successful Sunbeams 1 student is engaged in class and practices regularly at home. Several new concepts are introduced weekly and the complexity of piano playing increases continually. MYC learn piano E An effective practice routine will allow each student to progress rapidly and enjoy their learning. This program aims to develop the complete musician so practicing must include all types of activities, just as our class does. Various materials and resources are available to help with your practicing at home.