Sunrise : 2-3yrs

Sunrise is the Music for Young Children program designed for preschool aged children. These music lessons are designed to teach basic rhythm, music vocabulary, singing and listening skills to preschoolers while exposing them to a music class environment.

Sunrise 1, 2 and 3¬†are cumulative programs; each runs for 10 weeks¬†making the entire program 30 weeks. Music classes include singing, rhythm instruments, rhythm reading, crafts, listening activities, dancing/actions, and more singing! The activities and the tone of the music class are very much tailored to the specific group of kids, since some preschoolers are very active & interactive and others are mellower & more private. Babies and toddlers (under 18months) are welcome to come along at no cost. If they are interested, kids may participate in (or attend) my studio’s recitals.

Music for Young Children Sunrise 1 materialsThe cost of each 10 week music session is $185 which includes the tuition fee as well as a small workbook, rhythm instrument, finger puppet and CD. The workbook includes craft pages and sticker activities as well as the music & lyrics of the songs on your CD. Each song in the workbook also includes extra ideas of things to do with the song at home, including ideas for babies and older kids.