MYC materials

Books & Materials:

Each year at the time of Registration, parents pay a Materials Fee. This amount is sent to MYC Head Office and pays for your materials for the year.
MYC beginner materials
For first year students, the Materials Fee includes the MYC books for your level, a Tin sheet with magnets, a Sing-Along CD, castanets and an MYC bag to carry all your goodies to and from class! Throughout the year, you will receive additional materials from me, such as rhythm writing tools, stickers and craft accessories.

SB2 Music for Young ChildrenIn each subsequent year, the Materials Fee covers your MYC books,Technique Toolbox, and CD or USB flash drive of music from the MYC books.

In Sunbeams 3, the Homework is provided in a separate book called “Bright Ideas 1”.

Music for Young Children Scales bookIn Moonbeams 3, the final year, students receive a book for each type of activity we do: Homework is in “Bright Ideas 2”; Keyboard (piano) pieces are in “Conservatory Canada Grade 1”; Singing is in “My You’re Canadian”; Technique is in “Hoot ‘n Hanon”; Listening and Ensembles are found in “Breeze”. Each similar sized book has a different coloured binding to distinguish them in your bag.